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beachWhether working in clay or with paint, I apply the same principal of building up layers and texture. Using different thicknesses of paint, and utilizing collage, ink and pastel, I can create surface interest and depth in the painting. By using clay as a canvas, I can build up the surface in various stages by using slips, oxides and glazes, often multi firing and adding to a piece until I am satisfied with the results.

beachI like that my art crosses and meets in different mediums, in my painting, but also extended with the use of clay and consequently taking on many varied ceramic forms, from one off large vessels, pots and plates, smaller bowls and ceramic tile wall hangings and angels to smaller ‘gift’ items such as fish, hearts, stars, dragonflies and baubles. I also make individual tiles that can be commissioned for the home e.g kitchen or bathroom, or simply to rest your mug of tea on!

Prices vary depending on the piece and start from £4.50 for small items.


I am fascinated with colour and texture, its everywhere and I see it in everything. It is an essential element in my life and therefore in my work.

beachI love the sea, the way the shore blends into the sea and the sea blends into the sky. How it changes from season to season, and throughout any day, even from one minute to the next. I love the detail of the coast, looking into rock pools and at seaweed, searching for precious beach findings and pebbles that have been weathered by the tide. I love the smell of the sea and the way it both relaxes you and invigorates you, it clears your head.

The area I live in is important to me, the landscape, the ancient history of the place, the moorland, the river, woodland walks and old buildings and abbeys. Yorkshire is a beautiful and very diverse county.

beachAnother big influence on my art is my love of old and exotic textiles, the way they have been crafted, and how time alters them, creating a fragile beauty. The colours, patterns and embellishments fascinate me.

I have also been massively influenced by the crafts of Morocco and the Moorish influence on Southern Spain. The ironwork, ceramics and textiles of the culture and the absolute assault on the senses you experience on visiting Marrakech or Seville, or The Alhambra at Granada.

I believe, who you are, what you see and how you see it, where you go and how you view your surroundings, becomes your art.

It is basically an expression of what you love and what makes you feel happy and content or excited. It comes from inside you, your art is fundamentally about who you are.

I’m interested in what time does to a place, or an object. The way decay occurs, and how that, in its self, can be a beautiful thing. I like the idea of finding something old and breathing new life into it, this element is reflected in my work by adding copper wire and beading.